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Meet the Drivers

Let's Race Magazine puts you "in the drivers seat" with the Driver's Profile area of our website so you can get a closer look and get a better understanding of just who these drivers are and what "makes them tick."

Rayce Mullen

My name is Rayce Mullen & I'm from Pearl City, IL. I started racing go karts at age 5 after having a major surgery for my clubfeet that left me in a wheelchair for a few months.

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Nathan Finney

We are a very small race team with big goals. We have only 4 crew members constituting of myself my brother my dad and friend eric.

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Tom Treon

I've been racing for 16 years in the modified division, including 2 years in a Latemodel. I just left my family team to start my own team (DarkHorse Motorsports) in 2016. This team only raced 1 full season at Waynesfield in 2018, where we had 2 top fives and 4 top ten's in 9 races at Waynesfield Raceway Park and ended the year with a 9th place points finish!

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Jordan Conover

We are a self funded team that have been racing for nearly 20 years now in multiple different types of racing. We currently are running a UMP modified and stock car that me and my father built 100% ourselves. We also build our own engines and have had great success with our own chassis throughout the years. We currently work out of a 2 car garage and pay for everything ourselves as we spend all our sponsorship on building the cars.

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Blake Naylor

We are a family owned and operated team. My brother and I own the car that I drive as well as all the equipment involved in racing. We have family and friends that come to help a lending hand, hangout, and generally just support us and my racing dream.

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Joshua Ferry

Driver of the #33 Family owned BMS Chassis. We race regionally in the Northeast Ohio, Western New York, western Pa, and northern west Virginia areas. Last year was able to become the youngest feature winner in the UEMS Series and went on to win the series championship. Looking to tracel to tracks we haven't raced yet in the reigion.

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Patrick M Passanise

Me & my crew chief

4th generation dirt track driver. Born and raised in Western New York. Started racing when I was 15. Ran 2 seasons in the spectator class at Stateline and Eriez speedway. Won a few features and finished in the top 10 in points my first 2 seasons. Shortly after my 2nd season my grandfather passed away unexpectedly (the one that got my dad and I into racing).

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Adam Jones

Hi my name is Adam Jones but I known by many as Pacman. I have been racing for 6 years, I have raced compacts, 4 cylinder, street stock, semi late, modified and I am currently racing a sport mod.

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John Ward Jr.

Hello! My name is John Ward Jr. and this is my racing story!

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Zachary Tinkle

When he's asked how he got started in racing, Zachary replies, "Well, my mom says I came out of the womb wanting to race." That is true. He can't remember a time when he didn't love the sport of racing or wanting to race. No matter what it was, Zachary would say, "Race ya!" When he was ten years old, the family moved to Chicagoland, where he finally got his chance to race. He started out in a gas powered go-kart, winning a championship right away and winning several championship when the facility was converted to an electric kart track.

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Kercie Jung

Kercie Jung is thirteen years old, has been racing since she was seven years old, and is currently in the eighth grade.

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Mandy Chick

Mandy comes from a family with a long heritage in racing, her Grandfather, Steve Chick, Sr., has been building race cars since the early 1960's and is well known for his many technical talents.

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Gage Gagnon

You could say I was born into Snowmobiling as my family lived to ride the trails. At 3 months old I would be bundled up and set into a harness and My dad would hit the trails with my uncle and grandfather, I rode my first full size sled when I was four sitting in front with my dad, at age 5, I was riding by myself around my grandparents' yard in Vermont. Snowmobile drag racing started to become a passion for me when we stumbled upon an informal race in a field, they had a porta tree set up and once I finished my first run, I was hooked.

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Nicholas Fenner

I am a Gen1 racer that primarily raced bombers at my home track since 1997 as a hobby and a way to relax. Then the 1st pieceof a dream that started 11years ago of only running one race at Eldora speedways World100 race, has since turned into 2 runs, a full season at Eldora and pulling off Rookie of the Year in 2018.

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Blake Rowe

Blake Rowe, 19-year-old Sophomore at Kettering University, embarks on his fourth full season of open wheel modified racing throughout the midwest in 2019.

Blake is a Mechanical Engineering student who carries a 3.65 GPA and works as an intern at General Motors within Global Propulsion Systems.

Along with driving race cars, going to school, and working, Blake also works as a spotter or crew member for different race teams such as Kyle Crump Racing when time permits.

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Shaun Scheel

Hello, my name is Shaun Scheel, I am twenty-nine years old, and I live in Lake Mills, with my wife and two kids. For the past fifteen years my family and I have been involved in stock car racing.

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Anji Thornton

My racing experiences include dirt and asphalt circle track and began in the enduro cars (2001), assisting my beloved late husband, Steve, in developing our Super Trucks team (2002), In 2005, I made my rookie debut as co-driver in the Super Trucks. Since Steve's untimely passing in 2008, I rebuilt our program.

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Rhys Myers

My name is Rhys Myers, I have been involved in racing all my life with the ultimate dream of competing at the professional level. I have recently been fortunate enough to be given that opportunity. Racing, whether amateur or professional is not only an extremely competitive but also very expensive sport. At the professional level, gone are the days of corporate sponsorship's making it difficult to break into this level of the sport on your own.... 

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Kinzie Wilson

My Objective is to be the leading female in racing, and a positive role model to other females and young enthusiasts.

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Billy Ross

Began racing BMX when I was 4 years old, went on to GoKartsuntil I was 9, then ended up trying out Flat Track at the age of 11. Over the years I have had experienced wins, losses, and traveled across the country.

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