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Meet the Drivers

Let's Race Magazine puts you "in the drivers seat" with the Driver's Profile area of our website so you can get a closer look and get a better understanding of just who these drivers are and what "makes them tick."

Nicholas Fenner

I am a Gen1 racer that primarily raced bombers at my home track since 1997 as a hobby and a way to relax. Then the 1st pieceof a dream that started 11years ago of only running one race at Eldora speedways World100 race, has since turned into 2 runs, a full season at Eldora and pulling off Rookie of the Year in 2018.

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Blake Rowe

Blake Rowe, 19-year-old Sophomore at Kettering University, embarks on his fourth full season of open wheel modified racing throughout the midwest in 2019.

Blake is a Mechanical Engineering student who carries a 3.65 GPA and works as an intern at General Motors within Global Propulsion Systems.

Along with driving race cars, going to school, and working, Blake also works as a spotter or crew member for different race teams such as Kyle Crump Racing when time permits.

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Shaun Scheel

Hello, my name is Shaun Scheel, I am twenty-nine years old, and I live in Lake Mills, with my wife and two kids. For the past fifteen years my family and I have been involved in stock car racing.

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Anji Thornton

My racing experiences include dirt and asphalt circle track and began in the enduro cars (2001), assisting my beloved late husband, Steve, in developing our Super Trucks team (2002), In 2005, I made my rookie debut as co-driver in the Super Trucks. Since Steve's untimely passing in 2008, I rebuilt our program.

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Rhys Myers

My name is Rhys Myers, I have been involved in racing all my life with the ultimate dream of competing at the professional level. I have recently been fortunate enough to be given that opportunity. Racing, whether amateur or professional is not only an extremely competitive but also very expensive sport. At the professional level, gone are the days of corporate sponsorship's making it difficult to break into this level of the sport on your own.... 

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Kinzie Wilson

My Objective is to be the leading female in racing, and a positive role model to other females and young enthusiasts.

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Billy Ross

Began racing BMX when I was 4 years old, went on to GoKartsuntil I was 9, then ended up trying out Flat Track at the age of 11. Over the years I have had experienced wins, losses, and traveled across the country.

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Austin Garret Welch

Many people ask me why I have the number C3. I run with this number in honor of my brother Curtis who was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at an early age.

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Allen Bowles

‚ÄčI race in the Compact class at 35 Raceway Park. 2018 was my first season ever racing in any compacity. I was lucky enough to come home with Rookie of the Year and finish 4th in the final points. I plan on focusing on running Bowles Racing in 2019 and racing only on a part-time schedule

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Ervin Vance

Swervin' Ervin Vance is a dirt racer from Eastern, Ky. After buying his first dirt car for $400 in 2005, Ervin managed to progress to open wheel modified in 2012.

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Jerrad Krick

Thank you for taking the time to review our proposal. Krick Racing is a husband and wife race team. Our racing program requires countless hours in the shop. Jerrad is a 3-time UMP Street Stock National Champion. He has 12 track championships with 250 feature wins. We travel all over IN and IL. We have also raced Michigan & Kentucky.

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Brandon Spithaler

Hi I Brandon Spithaler. I am 27 years old and I live in a little town in Western Pennsylvania called Evans City. I, like many of you am addicted to the adrenaline, speed, and victory that is a part of the sport of racing.

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Audrey Worm

My name is Audrey Worm. I am currently one of three women that compete in NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters. This year was my rookie year and I ended up 18th out of 37 Top Fuel drivers.We also ranked the highest in points out of all of the part time single car teams. I was nominated as one of the Road to the future: Rookie of the year candidates.

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Leroy and Jay Dunaway

(Leroy) have been racing and involved in racing for 30 years. I have drove stock cars, bombers, late models, modifieds, minisprints, and karts. Through the years of racing i have achieved many wins, track championships top 5 ad 10 finishes an man dnf's.

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Mike Hildebrand

Small family race team. It's me, my son and my father. We love racing, and try to get out whenever possible!
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Armani Williams

My name is Armani Williams- I am NASCARs first openly diagnosed driver with Autism Spectrum Disorder. My passion is racing and bring more awareness and solution based opportunities to families impacted by Autism. I do not race for money or fame, but to be a beacon of hope of for those families.

Thank you very much for offering this sponsorship opportunity as I like many others need it to continue racing and get into competitive equipment. Thank you again!

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Matthew Dean

My first race was at Fort Payne Motor Speedway in fort payne Alabama. I raced one full season in street stock. I decided that wasn't fast enough so I bought a Get late model chassis and had a engine built by my good friend who introduced me into racing, Billy Hammonds.

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Austin Edwards

I got into racing after seeing my family members race for years, going back to when my grandfather raced in the 1970's. My dad who I watched race since I was born let me try a gokart at age 5. By my 2nd race I had won and went on to win multiple championships in those 3 years. When I turned 8, I got a Bandolero.

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Lacy Kuehl

Lacy is an 11-year-old driver in Florida. She started racing 5 years ago in memory of her little brother Rocco who passed away from DKA Diabetic Ketoacidosis, just after celebrating his 1st Birthday. Lacy races all over Florida spreading the awareness of Diabetes and its symptoms, her goal is making sure parents know what these symptoms are so that they don't lose a child or a loved one from Diabetes.

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Dominick Paul Hunter

This will be my first full time season in the car I built and I am looking forward to getting my first main event win and hopefully a championship. Type of Race Car: Northwest Vintage Modified Home Track: Southsound Speedway

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