I've been around racing since I was 7 years old. My dad raced and passed it on to me and my brother. I started racing in the fall of 99, and I've had some success. My first year I made the four car dash ( the fastest four qualifiers) almost every week.

My second year, I won 3 heat races, the four car dash once and , the feature once. Then I weaken the car, and said I was done. That just didn't last long. My brother found a chassis that was wreaked and the price was right. I got I fixed and put it together. With a tight racing budget, it's hard to make it to the track every week.

This sponsorship would go a long way in helping me do just that, and to help keep up with the general up keep that goes with it. I'd like to thank Let's Race for this opportunity. It's a great deal for whoever is fortunate enough to be chosen.