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Shaun Scheel


I became very passionate for the sport at a very young age and have yet to loose the exhilaration I get each time I put on my helmet and strap my belts tight!

When I was a child I was always going to the races to watch my uncle race, it was an experience that I absolutely loved and could only hope that one day I would get the opportunity to try it for myself. At the age of thirteen it came to my attention that you only had to be fourteen in order to drive a stock car at our local track. My father and I decided that this was an experience that we wanted to try together, him being the crew chief and owner of the car while I drove the car. It sure was a new experience for us, so for the first year we decided to buy a car that was all ready to go. After one season of learning the ropes and getting my feet wet in this great sport, my dad and I decided to build our own car together. We would remain in the Bandit Division, which is a four cylinder lower level class. As the season would come to a close all of our hard work would pay off, I was crowned the 2005 Bandit Track Champion. After that, we continued to move up the ladder of divisions which lead us to Late Models, which we love to run especially now that we've figured out the handling and everything on them!

There is never a question of how much we love what we do every weekend, even with two kids, jobs and a fast paced lifestyle we still find time to race in new places and not always where it's familiar. Such as this past summer we took on a pretty hefty load, which included racing three different tracks with two cars every week all summer long! But the long nights, sweat, hard work and plain passion we have lead us to some of the best finishes this year. At all three tracks we had a handful of Quick Times and also 5 Features wins throughout all the tracks! At all three tracks we placed Top 5 in the points standing, one of which was our first Late Model Track Championship at Slinger, along with being crowned the Wisconsin State NASCAR Rookie of the State, and we traveled to NC to the NASCAR Awards Banquet which was so amazing to experience, and awe plan to go back again for the championship award!

We put an unbelievable amount of work and detail into our cars, checking and maintaining everything whether that is in the shop or in the pits before the car hits the track! That is something our team is very proud of! We also pride ourselves on our small race team, we sure do get it done! Most weeks it's only our small three man team, which consists of my dad LeRoy (Crew Chief), my wife Crystal (Spotter/Pit Help), Adrian (Pit Help), and myself. It's a great little team, and we did such a great job this and really every year!

We have quite the fan base as well, which we just love to share and celebrate with them as well! This isn't just a hobby or a job to our family, this is our life! We love it that much!

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