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Let’s Race Magazine Sponsorship Driver’s Profile Competition

Purchase a $25 Driver’s Profile and you will be placed in our $5000 Sponsorship Competition! 

When the Race Car Crosses the Finish Line We Have A Winner!

This is not a drawing, sweepstakes or lottery. You have the chance to show our judges why YOU should receive the sponsorship prize.

The winner of the 2018/19 sponsorship competition will receive $5,000 paid directly to the driver who wins our sponsorship competition. The LET’S RACE Logo will appear on your race car all year, and LET’S RACE magazine will report on your racing endeavors for the entire 2018/19 racing year. The winning entry (your Profile) will also appear in LET’S RACE magazine.

All entries (your Profile) must be submitted before the LET’S RACE race car passes the finish line (on the race track above). Your Profile can include a photo of your car, your team, and yourself. You may also include a link to up to three videos. You will upload your content in our form after you have purchased your profile. “Be creative and show us what you've got.” Your BIO will be judged using an objective standard, giving equal weight to:

  • Best Presentation
  • Most Deserving
  • Most Compelling 
  • Most Creative

Entering to win is just $25. Showcase your talent as a race car driver, your success, and your passion for the sport.

Every new Driver's Profile is placed in our competition and will move the car around the race track. Once the car crosses the finish line we will announce the winner of our $5000 Sponsorship Competition!


Purchase Your $25 Driver's Profile Here

1. Make your purchase.

2. Register with a username and password.

3. After your payment has been processed, PayPal will send you back to our Driver's Profile Upload Form.

4. Fill out the form and submit your information.

5. When Let's Race approves your profile it will go live on our site and your profile will then be entered into our competition.

Profile Registration

Register here for your Driver's Profile Account.

Once you have registered fill out and upload your information with our Driver's Profile Form.

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