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Moose Racing 92


In the beginning we knew from the start that our engines weren't the big mega horsepower machines that would be able to vie for championships, so, we focused on giving "up and coming kids" a chance to wheel these fire breathing monsters…. We kicked off our venture into racing, with our driver and ourselves being Rookies Of The Year.

Over the years we continued to upgrade engines, equipment & tow rigs. Basically putting every dime we had into this passion. We have been lucky enough to have a couple of $ sponsors along the way & some fantastic product support, ( Huntington Beach Glass & Mirror, Lucas Oil, Phil & Eileen King, Lucas OIl Centers, CSI Construction, Catt Plumbing, Keizer Wheels, RC Performance, Specialized Powdercoating, Freeway Auto,Willwood, Rod End Supply, Circle Track, PJ1, Extreme Mufflers but for the most part, it's been our wallets sporting the expenses.                                                     (  You might get a kick outta this … last movie we went on a real date to, was Home Alone One!!!!  All this dedication, heart & soul and tons of handwork, sooner or later you see amazing results. Victories at various tracks across the country, even a West Coast 360 Championship!

Asides from the on track performance, Moose Racing has always concentrated on promoting the sport we love ... it just takes alitle bit of creativity:

Prior to upgrading to an enclosed traler, back in the day the 92 Moosemobile traveled to tracks up and down the West Coast, into Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Oklahoma, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, on a little homemade open trailer. Honks, thumbs up and onlookers getting closer to take a peek - so, you take that oppotunity of all those looky loo's interest ... Large posters with the race schedule were adhered to the trailer and motorhome – attracting people in grocery store parking lots, gas stations and where ever we happened to stop along the way. 

When a new non wing series kicked off  thousands of miles away in Ohio,  Moose Racing wanted to help in the foundation. Meeting with Arron Fry and Rusty McClure, the Moose's made a crazy commitment and  sponsored a heat race in what is now a very successfull Boss series! You could see the very familiar " Moose Logo" on every non wing sprint car that competed.

At home, Perris Auto Speedway, we host an annual what's called Moose Night. The track is gracious enough to offer us special price tickets and over the year we keep a list of friends, business contacts, neighbors etc who have shown interest in what's inside that big white trailer! And we contact them about the opportunity to gather as a group of sprint car newbies and cheer on the Moose Team. 2019 was amazing, 111 Moose Racing Fans, 46 of whom had never been to a sprint car race – and swear they will be back.

"The Moose's" passion for sprint cars and some of the little ways we have tried to "Give Back" to this incredible sport gained us The USAC/CRA Billy Wilkerson Award.  An honor that " Commends Commitment, Contribution and Passion For Our Sport.  

And now, the most exciting and humbling of our car owner career happened just a month ago,  as Don Kazarian of Perris Auto Speedway announced that Tom & Laurie Sertich will be The Grand Marshalls at this years Oval Nationals in November.

Strapping on their helmets, that seat has seen some of non wing's racing's greatest names, Rusty McClure, Michael Boat ( Billy's little brother ), Casey Shuman ( his dad being Ron Shuman), Danny Sheridan, Brady Bacon, Jake Swanson and our current driver, Austin Williams ( son of Knoxville Hall Of Famer, Rip Willliams )

We would like to thank Let's Race Magazine for hosting this amazing opportunity. Moose Racing would love to have the opportunity to help promote Lets Race Magazine to race fans throughout The West Coast!

Check Out Some great Non wing action @

Keep up with the Moose's via facebook @facebook/mooseracing92

Danika'Jo Parker
Tyler Shady

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