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Meet the Drivers

Marcus Simonson


All 14 years have been a work in progress but it has made me a better person and driver. In all of the classes I've raced, 98% of the work is done in my shop. From building bodys, to chassis repairs, building cars and building my own engines. Being a low budget operation I had to find ways to save money and try to focus the money into the proper areas. My family and local sponsors certainly help that cause! Without them I know I wouldn't be doing this, especially with the success I have had! Its been fun sharing the memories with my fiance the past 5 years also! Her support means everything.

In the 3 classes I've competed in I have been lucky enough to win features, a Rookie of the Year, a Season Championship and a Sportsman of the Year! Keeps a guy grounded knowing he didn't have to break the bank to have success in this addicting, fun sport!

I have met a lot of great people in the past 14 years, made a lot of great friends and have had a LOT of fun too! The after race shenanigans, joking, laughing, story telling all makes it that much better. The "Racing Family" is certainly one that is hard to explain, but is bonded for life! Im looking forward to making more as the years go on!

Johnny Blaine Smith
Rayce Mullen

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