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Meet the Drivers

John (Jay) Baker Jr


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Baker, my friends call me Jay, or Junior. I am the wheelman of the #BAKERBUILT Rayburn number 22j super latemodel. I work a full time job as a technician in small town USA, and from midnight to 6 I turn wrenches on race cars. I live for this. 

The long hours, the complete lack of sleep, I would not imagine myself doing anything else. I recently stepped into the ranks of late models without sponsors and extremely under budget. I jig my own chassis. I machine and build my own engines. I repair and race engines that most drivers would scrap. I pull frames out of salvage and repair them to my own design to save money. I could not afford to put my wheels turning on the track surface if I didn't.

I've been at this dream for a long time. Its my 18th season putting my all and then some into race cars trying to drive my way into catching a break. My father got me into this mess we know as racing and I can't see an end in sight. Wouldn't want to end it. So, as I chase these goals that others call dreams I will keep pushing harder and harder, earning my way to the top. I don't just want to race, I want to win. I want to win against the best in the business and become the best in the business. Thank you for reading my profile, I hope you enjoyed it, Jay. 

Dominick Paul Hunter
Keaton Hendrix

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