Jeff 'Jazzy' Whalen

Quite Honestly, 2017 was the year everything went wrong on the race track for me! First time finishing out of the Top 10 in points since I started racing. I started as a fan, then became an official, then a driver and now an owner/driver. Quite the opposite to most racers. 

I wasn't born into it, or have family friends that we religiously followed. My Dad took me a couple times as a kid to Holland Speedway and I was hooked. Followed it on tv and then got involved with the local scene at Lancaster Speedway after moving near the track.

I'm pretty much a one man band, but I get some volunteer help from some people I've helped with parts or garage space or working on their cars when I get a chance. I have a small group of sponsors, nothing near what it cost to race each season. Pretty much run out of pocket and put my friends business' on the car bc were friends or they buy a set of tires or something.

Only trophy I've ever won racing wasn't actually for racing, but something I'm pretty proud of, and that is the Tommy Druar Contribution to Racing Award from Lancaster Speedway last year. I raised about $10k for new fire fighting equipment for the track, to make everybody safer.

Winning a major sponsorship from a publication like yours would be amazing, and since I am currently hanging a brand new AR Mustand Body on my car- we sure could show off your logos! Thank you for your consideration! 

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