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Jacob Wilkinson


Jacob is quite the wheel man, improving each and every race, gaining knowledge on how the car likes to be set up at each different track he races at, and how to control the car with the throttle. He races a lot of drivers that are quite a bit older than him, but that doesn't bother him, as he goes out and puts on a show each race. He has the never give up attitude, and works hard to improve the car and himself as a driver for the next race. He shows great sportsmanship and is one of the first people to help out a fellow racer, even at times when his own car needs work done to it.

Jacob has a had a heck of a career and that is all because of the support team he has, the wonderful crew we have, the loyal fans he has, the wonderful family he is blessed with and some of the best sponsors a race team could ask for. He doesn't climb in the car and think I'm going to finish 2nd or 3rd. He goes in with his mind set that he is going to win. He believes in himself, and he knows he can do it, and gives each race all he has. He has been fortunate to do what a lot of people only dream of and is honored that he has the opportunity to do what he loves.


2014 - Rookie Year Won, 2 heat races and 2 A main Feature races. Finished 76th in

UMP National points. Finished 6th in Daugherty Speedway track

Points, as well as winning the fan favorite award.

2015- Won, 21 heat races and 11 A main Feature Races. Finished 23rd in the

UMP National points, as well as, ending the season in 8th place in the

North Region points. Clenched the track championship at Daugherty

Speedway and Vermilion County Speedway, now Known as Kickapoo

Speedway. Finished 10th in the Kokomo Klash of 45+ different drivers.

2016- Won 19 heat races and 10 A main feature events. Finished 8th in the

UMP National points, 4th place in the North Region points, and 7th in

East Region. Clenched the track championship at Daugherty

Speedway, as well as, Kokomo Speedway. Finished 3rd in

The Kokomo Klash out of 43 different drivers. Raced at several

different race tracks.

2017- Entered 52 races and won 38 heat races and 18 features. Winning a

heat or feature at 8 different race tracks. Won the the track

championship at Shadyhill Speedway. Finished 5th in UMP National

points and finished with top honors as the UMP North regional

champion. Finished 2nd in points at Kokomo Speedway, and 3rd

in points at Daugherty Speedway.

Winning this sponsorship would mean the world to Jacob and help out his goals for the 2018 season tremendously. He would like to race a UMP Modified this year.

Thank you for your consideration and taking the time to put together this opportunity for a chance at a sponsorship. It truly means a lot to all of us racers!

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