I am Cody Haskins from Marietta, Georgia. I am 26 years of age with over 10 years of racing experience. Since the age of 8, I have accumulated over 500 feature wins, 9 Track Championships, multiple track records, and 3 National Championships. 2017 was a year of multiple successes. Our team competed in and won the Kulwicki Driver Development program.

Enter the rest of your text here... We competed in 25+ racing events all over the Southeast. We competed and won multiple events at local NASCAR hometracks and had a great amount of success in the CARS Racing Tour. Our team really succeeded with our off track performance, accruing 100+ hours of community involvement. We helped in various homeless shelters, visited and spoke with pre-k students about working hard to achieve goals, helped raise money for autism and breast cancer, and held a charity karting event to raise money for the American Cancer Society. 2018 is going to be our most challenging season yet.

We will be competing full time in the CARS Racing Tour (televised) and select events such as; Martinsville, Richmond, and the Snowball Derby. The $5,000 sponsorship would mean the world to our team. I am sole owner and operator of Cody Haskins Motorsports, I manage all business of our team, fund our operation, crew chief, drive, and manage all off track appearances. I am spread extremely thin but I understand this is what it takes to live this dream.

All of our racing program is funded through hard work and dedication. All sponsorship is highly appreciated and never overlooked. I appreciate this opportunity and highly respect this program for giving an opportunity to help and give back to the young racers in the community.

Thank you for your consideration,

Cody Haskins

Cody Haskins Motorsports