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Carl Thomas Jr


I was born into racing and it has been a passion of mine from the start. The good Lord has blessed me with an awesome race wife and we have four wild kids that also share the same passion for the sport. The best part about racing, is doing it with my family. Everyone knows that it takes a lot to race and my family is what makes it possible for me.

My wife, who was also born into dirt track, is a huge part of our racing. She and our kids are always there right by my side, working just as hard as me, making it possible to make it back to the track. My wife's family helps us tremendously. They pitch in financially, help with our kids while at the track and pitch in to crew our car. We are thankful to have so much racing support from our friends and family.

Over the years I have worked on race cars more than I have been a driver. I have always enjoyed setups and fabricating on anything from sheet metal, to chassis repair. I drove off and on for a few years but finally settled into the driver's seat in 2013. That season we ran open wheel mods with one win, rookie of the year and second in points. After the 2013 season, we decided to go crate latemodel racing and have done so since.

We have been very truly blessed the past four years of racing, very rarely finishing out of the top five. We have been fortunate to pick up wins at our local tracks, including the 2014 Grass Roots Nationals, 2015 Hooker Hood Classic and the 2016 USCS Fall Nationals at Riverside Speedway, along with the 2017 Glenn Cup at Crowley's Ridge Raceway.

My most favorite win was the USCS Fall Nationals in 2016. That year we did a 30 year anniversary throw back car, in memory of my late uncle, who was my hero. It was an honor to win the season finale at his home track, sporting his car number and paint scheme.

Our shortest, yet best season was in 2017. Out of 11 starts, we were able to collect 5 wins, finishing no worse than fifth other than one DNF. At the end of the 2017 season, we decided it was time to upgrade from our 1996 GRT chassis and we began searching for a newer one. A few months ago we came across a good deal on a 2016 Black Diamond chassis that was wrecked hard, but fixable. That has been our new winter project to get ready for upcoming year.

For the 2018 season we have decided to run a full blown latemodel and chase some regional series races. I want to continue to learn and try to improve, and the only way to do so is to run with tough competition and in unfamiliar territory.

We would like to thank Lets Race Magazine for this sponsorship opportunity and the chance to be recognized as an individual and driver. Not only is this an opportunity for our family but for our racing hero's. There is no other way we could express our gratitude towards those legends we have lost, other than to continue their racing legacy and to keep them alive in the stories we share.

Keaton Hendrix
Isaac Wolfgang

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