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Audrey Worm


I started racing nostalgia front engine dragsters when I was 16 years old, I finished my license in Top Fuel last year and competed in 9 out of 24 NHRA events this season, as funding allowed. Drag racing is a passion of mine, but another passion of mine is finding a cure and raising money for Parkinson's Disease and the Michael J.Fox Foundation. This year we raised some money for the MJFF, and I drove to "OUTRUN Parkinson's Disease" My father has parkinsons, and my grandfather had it as well, so I am very passionate about raising awareness for this terrible disease. When I am not racing, I work at a Rock Steady Boxing gym, and I coach boxing rehabilitation classes for parkinson's patients. I am a very low budget, independent driver and team. Our team this season was ALL volunteers. We don't race for the fame or the money, we race for the fans!

I am looking to continue my top fuel drag racing career in 2019 for as many races as funding and budget allows. I can't wait to continue to be out there and racing for my fans, and to continue to raise awareness for parkinson's. Winning this contenst would mean the world to me and my team! Not only for the additional $5,000 to help us keep our car out there, but to be able to continue to race for our cause, as well as promoting our team and parkinson's awareness with your magazine.

Thank you for having such a great contest!

Audrey Worm
Audrey Worm Racing

Brandon Spithaler
Leroy and Jay Dunaway

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