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Driver’s Profile Competition

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Watch out Danica Patrick! Hannah Newhouse is coming up fast on your high-heels and soon your bumper too!hannah-by-car-webres

She broke the record of the youngest female to win a Whelen All-American race when she was just 15. Hannah says, "It's been an unbelievable experience to run in different sanctioned series! To run in NASCAR has brought a ton of publicity to my racing career and they have done a ton to try and help further my career! Although there are disputes and disagreements with some of the rules or calls, they happen with any series you run in and I'm blessed to have been part of the NASCAR family. The level of professionalism in the higher series is unbelievable! It was a whole new experience for me to go from running at a local little track to go to this big series with live coverage and so much publicity placed on it. My first year in the NASCAR Whelen All-American series, I went out and won the first race of the year and broke the record of being the youngest female to ever win a NASCAR Whelen All-American race. The publicity came rushing to my doorstep and really opened a door for my racing career. Then, later that year, I made my debut in the NASCAR K&N West Pro Series and finished 6th at Albuquerque, NM. I broke the record for the youngest female to start in K&N West and tied for the highest finish ever for a female. Being a female and only 15 at the time was a huge spotlight placed on me as well while I was racing, and NASCAR made sure to emphasize every aspect of that that they could. NASCAR knows that us young racers are the next generation, and so they are awesome about working with us and making sure we are on the right track."

hannah-w-carLast year was Hannah's first year in a full time late model series. This year, she's signed on with JD Motorsports to run the Spears SRL Southwest Tour Series, and she's partnered with the Women in Sports Foundation. She came into the season familiar with the new series and team as she had made her debut in the SRL and with JD Motorsports last season at Pike's Peak International Raceway.

Although it's said that the SRL contains some of the West's best competition, Hannah says she's up for the challenge! "I'm really excited for this season and what it holds. Mike Doss has an amazing program, and I'm thrilled to be part of the team this year and get a chance to race and really prove myself in the SRL." Mike Doss, owner of JD Motorsports is equally enthusiastic about having Hannah on board, "I am looking forward to having Hannah be on our team full time this year. She really impressed me when she ran for us previously and I feel we can really take her potential to the next level by competing this series."

This year Hannah is tearing up the tracks in a Ford Fusion Super Late Model with a 9-1 Peters motor. It pulls approx 620hp weighing at 2900 lbs.

Hannah had a bit of a scare earlier this year while racing at Kern Coast Raceway Park, which is the fastest paved ½-mile on the west coast. " Mid-way through the race I was involved in an accident that sent me head-on to the outside wall at 135mph, then directly into the inside wall," says Hannah. "The car was toast, but that
wasn't the worst of it. While I hit the wall, my wrist got caught in the steering wheel." Ouch! Hannah thought for sure it was broken, but luckily it was just a bad sprain.

She was shaken up for sure, it was a hard wreck at high speeds, but she got right back out there. "Many people thought I would difficulty getting back in the car," says Hannah, "but there was no way they could keep me out from behind the wheel!"

Hannah has always gravitated towards life in high speed. At 5 she got her start in go-karts on an asphalt road course. She continued in that for several years, racking up multiple track championships and a state championship. At 13, her parents got the wild idea that it would be cool to put their 13-year-old girl in a full sized race truck. Due to age restrictions at the track, she only got to race part time, but the next year she came back fulltime and finished 4th in points and collected Rookie of the Year honors. She was recognized by professional team, Thompson Motorsports, and signed on with them the following season to run a local late model program. She took 6 wins that season, 10 top qualifiers and finished 3rd in points. The next year she came back to compete in the ASA Pro Truck and Rocky Mountain Challenge series. She rounded out that season with Rookie of the Year and 4th in points in the RMCS, and 2nd in points in the ASA with 5 poles, a win and a track record.

Yes, this young lady is one to watch, race fans. She's on the fast track to a successful career in racing, and there's no slowing her down! So get ready Danica, here's come Hannah slipping by from the inside for the pass!




Posted by Dave TheWave Bowen on Thursday, July 16, 2015
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