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2018/19 $5000 Sponsorship
Driver’s Profile Competition

When the race car crosses the finish line we have a $5000 Sponsorship Winner!

Annamarie Malfitana-Strawhand has successfully directed the steps of many race drivers, their teams and families to achieve the right type of funding, security and planning they need to keep racing, grow their programs and get to the top levels of the sport. She has also assisted numerous racers in the US and Canada attract more sponsors and greater opportunities to effectively advance their driving careers and teams using her methods.Annamarie

Annamarie was born into the sport and has worked professionally in almost every facet, from grassroots to the top levels of NASCAR. She has held positions both on the corporate sponsor side as well as race team side. She has an insider's perspective on what sponsors are looking for and expecting from their marketing programs. Especially what the key attributes and values these companies are specifically attracted to in a team or race driver; as well as what triggers them spend their marketing dollars on the local, regional and national landscape. Her broad experience across all levels of the sport made her realize that she had acquired special information, experience and knowledge that she felt compelled to share. She believed educating was the key to help the sport grow and prosper starting with the racers themselves.

She began speaking and teaching at venues such as the NASCAR Hall of Fame and race driver schools sharing her knowledge and advice. With the positive feedback she received from her speaking and teaching she brought everything together into streamlined step by step systems and created private and group coaching programs, advice videos and blogs, and webinars now all through her Marketing At Full Speed coaching practice. Her current clients and students range from up and coming drivers, racing parents, race team owners, owner/drivers and motorsports professionals.

Her mission is to guide, teach and assist racers so they are equipped with the tools, knowledge, value and motivation to attract all the sponsors and opportunities they want and need.

Annamarie lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her husband Michael and daughter Landry. She utilizes the latest technology to teach and coach racers all over the world. Her second home is always the closest race track.

*Find out more on her website at: www.marketingatfullspeed.com

**Annamarie Malfitana-Strawhand – Founder of Marketing at Full Speed and Creator of the Sponsor Attraction System™- Motorsports marketing coach and mentor, motivational teacher, writer and speaker sharing 30 plus years worth of experience as a marketing, management, public relations and sponsorship expert in motorsports.


Posted by Dave TheWave Bowen on Thursday, July 16, 2015
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